All I need is love and a Elephant or two shirt

What always strikes me about bigfoot deniers is the closed-minded approach they take. Seems to me that they are in the position of the flat earthers. Both groups simply make their claims in the face of mounting data and anecdotal accounts that contradict their beliefs. That’s an enormous intake of food. If we assume the creature is a hominid of some sort, supporting a mass over double that of the largest human, it would consume thousands and thousands of calories a day. Where would the creature derive such a calorie-laden diet. Moreover, where deer congregate, so to other top-order predators, such as wolves, grizzly bears and mountain lions.

All I need is love and a Elephant or two shirt

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The creatures would be competing against other animal hunters, arguably better outfitted to capture and kill deer. Actually in many other countries too. I have talked with a professional outdoorsman who had a face to face encounter with the beast. He held a still position and watched it for close to an hour. It was at least 8 feet tall. The beast seemed as curious of him as he was of the Sasquatch. Years later he and a whole bus load of people watched a large one walk along a river bank and as the bus got close, it went back into the woods. Nature takes care if it almost immediately. Even if someone was to get perfect high definition video of a Sasquatch, few would accept it. Until one is captured or God forbid killed, we will just have to accept that it is still considered fantasy by the skeptics.

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